A Rich Cultural History:

The millpond is part of Buffalo Creek, named for the herds of buffalo once seen watering there. Native Americans in the region would have likely lived and hunted along the 
The dam, part earthen and part masonry, dates to the 1820s and is still in place. The mill was removed in the mid-1970s. The dam and remaining foundation of the mill have been designated historic landmarks.
In the 1820s, William Avera operated a 600-acre farm and gristmill with his wife and two children. The family originally lived in a Federal-style house. William’s son, Thomas, grew to be farmer and doctor who later served as a surgeon in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Thomas built an Italianate-style home in the early 1870s, which has been designated a historic landmark, also. The family moved the original Federal-style home to the new home site on Robertson Pond Road, where it still stands today.

…back to nature
…back to peace
…back in time Paddle around the only bald cypress blackwater swamp habitat in Wake County and you will feel like you’ve stepped back through the ages.

Transport yourself to a long-ago place and time when you visit Robertson Millpond Preserve, an 85-acre refuge for nature lovers, canoeists and kayakers. The area is significant for its rich cultural and environmental history. When you look around, you'll think you are in the Great Dismal Swamp!

Robertson Millpond Preserve is an 85-acre preserve with a 1.15 mile paddling trail in

Wendell, NC

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