Tar River Life is owned and operated by family and close friends in Bunn, NC. Tar River Life  was created to give back to our area, to show that Franklin County, NC has its own natural playground for families and friends to come make memories and enjoy being outdoors. We take pride in the fact that we can share the river with everyone this way through kayak rentals. 


Whether you're looking for an afternoon of excursion, a vacation or something special like a family reunion, we've got the gear to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

Tar River Life in Bunn

Tar River Life

Entry and Exit Access

Our entry and exit access are on private property and are only accessible through Tar River Life. Please understand that it is not acceptable for entry on these properties individually or unaccompanied by Tar River Life staff.  Tar River Life maintains the cleanliness and security of these properties through joint agreements with the property owners.

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