Tar River Life


Why the move?

- Our past location was never meant to be the permanent location. It's main purpose is a storage facility and has always been temporary. Our new location is purely meant for Tar River Life and us only.

How will this affect our experience?

- Our hope is that once you arrive you will feel secluded from outside distractions and be completely immersed in the beautiful outdoors of North Carolina. We feel like our our last location was too... rustic.

- With our new location bordering the Tar River, you will park right next to the finish of your river trip. This allows us to be more efficient, and gives you a quicker, simpler experience.

Will I have to drive any further?

- Barely, our new location on Sledge Road is only a half mile away from Montclair, our previous location. 

What's the best way for us to find Tar River Life?

- Keep it simple and use Google Maps. You can type in "Tar River Life", or Google us! 

Smart phones are great for this! 

- Use our address for Garmen users or integrated GPS systems.

3240 Sledge Road, Bunn, NC 27508

I got lost last year... Will this happen again?

- Find some wood to knock on... It shouldn't.

Long story short, our last address was so complicated that GPS systems would get confused. Our NEW address is simple and works across the board. *KNOCK KNOCK*

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