Tar River Life


Tar River Life

Pro Tips 

  •  Arrive 30 minutes prior to your trip time, if not sooner. Plan to leave on time and have your directions prepared before you leave. ​​We leave promptly 15 minutes before your trip time, this allows us to stay on time and organized. If you are running behind you can call us at (919)496-9237, we will move you back to the next trip or reschedule you for another day. 

  • If you want to be really cool, you can fill out your waiver forms before you arrive! Here's a link. 

  • When reserving, please leave a phone number and email that you will receive and respond to. We need to be able to contact you (Weather, emergencies, running late).

  • Use Google Maps to find our location. Apple Maps is outdated and drops you right down the road from us. You can also search "Tar River Life" on a mapping app instead of using our physical address.

  • You will never lose the value of your trip due to weather. We can always reschedule your trip, call us at least by the day before to push your trip to another day. Please leave a voicemail if you have to. 

  • Age limit is 5 years old and we have to be firm on this. If you arrive with someone underage we will have to cancel your trip.

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