Stand-Up Paddleboard (3.4 miles)

About 3 hours

Fits up to 2 people


What's Included on the Trip:
Each kayak trip includes paddles and PFD. Any person 13 and under is required to wear a PFD at all times. All boats require a PFD at all times. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy their time on the river. You are responsible to return all items in original condition. There will be a fee for lost paddles and damaged floats caused by misuse.

Tubing (1.5 miles)

About 3 hours

River Tube w/High Back: $21

River Tube, Small w/High Back: $21

Tar River Life

Participation Waiver

All participants are required to fill out a participant waiver.  You can click here to print and bring to us filled out (preferred) or you can fill one out on site.

~Three Kinds of Adventures in Bunn~

Adult Size Tube:

Comes with a back rest for maximum comfort! Round Tube with a back/neck rest for added comfort. Tube comes with a cup holder for your beverage. You'll be given a tube paddle which helps you navigate the river.

Small Tube:

Great for smaller adults and children. Comes with a back/neck rest and with seat to keep children up and out of the water.



​Small Cooler w/ Ice: $10

(Tubes, Kayaks, Paddleboards)

Cooler Tube: $10


Dry Bag: $5

(Tubes, Kayaks, Paddleboards)

Waterproof Phone Pouch: $10.00

(Tubes, Kayaks, Paddleboards)

Kayaking (3.4 miles)

​About 3 hours

​Single Kayak: $37

Tandem Kayak: $52

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